Get Back

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Order Number M 3100
Length 89 minutes
Release 1991
Copyright Allied Filmmakers N.V.


The following text has been written by Ed Chen (taken from the "video" FAQ)

Get Back (1991) -- Richard Lester's look at Paul's 1989-90 World Tour. Rather then going with a straight concert film, Lester has chosen to cut quickly between scenes at different shows, and other, relatively unrelated footage. This effect can and does become distracting rather easily. The other major problem this tape has is that less then 75% of the actual concert is presented. Despite the low retail price, this is a tape to rent rather then to own. There is also a Japanese videodisc which is called "Get Back Prologue", which contains an otherwise unreleased interview with Paul, and four songs from the film. The interview is not worth the cost of the videodisc.

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